Reliable Cell Phone and Electronics Repair Services in Würzburg

If the cell phone fails, the drama is big! But no matter what happened, whether it’s water damage, a fall, a broken display or the cell phone is simply dead, we’ll take care of it! We are the as-tronic team in Würzburg and we have been repairing cell phones and smartphones of all brands and manufacturers, as well as PCs, laptops and tablets to your complete satisfaction since 2011.

We have been working closely with the manufacturers for many years and repair your cell phone or smartphone to the manufacturers’ high quality standards. That’s why we only use high-quality and tested spare parts for repairs. We know that your cell phone, whether you use it privately or professionally, must be a reliable companion and that’s why we make no compromises when it comes to the quality of the parts and our service. The heart of as-tronic is our advice.

In the Event of Water Damage, You Need to Act Quickly!

There is nothing worse for a cell phone owner than water damage. You should act quickly and remove the cell phone from the water or liquid immediately. Regardless of whether it is beer, water, cola, wine or milk, the liquid can cause a short circuit in the cell phone, damage the circuit board and thus permanently disable the device.

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What we offer

Affordable and Professional Repair Services

PC/Laptop Repair

In our specialist workshop we carry out repairs and improvements quickly, competently and effectively. First check your PC/laptop and tell you the possible procedures.

PC/Laptop Repair

We can usually repair your computer within a few days. Of course, our repair service applies to all makes, regardless of when and where you bought them. We would also be happy to expand your computer to include missing or higher quality hardware components and software
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Smartphone/Cell Phone Repair

Your cell phone or smartphone no longer works? Then we are your contact for all problems relating to your mobile devices.

Smartphone/Cell Phone Reapir

A professional repair should not only be quick and effective but, above all, transparent. That's why we first look for the error, then advise you and only repair what is necessary.
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Tablet Repair

Tablets are becoming more and more popular these days. No wonder, because the advantages of modern technology are combined in a tablet.

Tablet Repair

The tablet is much more compact and lighter than a laptop. And then all it takes is one careless moment, one sweeping movement and it happens.
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MacBook Repair

We offer you a professional repair of your MacBook, whether MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, no matter what model, no matter how old.

MacBook Repair

will take care of your mobile high-tech companion and get your MacBook working again. We can eliminate almost all hardware and software problems, but also damage such as: cracked displays including retina displays, defective LCDs, defective batteries, water damage, a failed keyboard, a damaged case, and much more.
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Apple Devices

We are here to help you with any problems you may have with your iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod. Since Apple's products are comparatively more expensive to purchase than other devices.

Apple Devices

We offer you high-quality service or repairs quickly, reliably and at fair prices. Another crucial factor for professional and quick repairs is that many self-employed people run almost all of their corporate communication via their Apple devices.And here the time factor plays an important role. Everything needs to be fully operational again as quickly as possible
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Purchase and Sale used equipment

If you are looking for a used, inexpensive laptop, or if you no longer use your old smartphone or iPhone because your mobile provider sent you a new model.

Purchase and Sale Old Equipment

We will make you a fair and transparent offer for your old device or sell you a high-quality, fully checked and functional used device. We can also help you back up important data from your old device or, if you wish, delete it completely.
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Data Recovery

With our professional reading devices and special applications, we can in many cases access such defective media and list the data that can be saved

Data Recovery

Backup copies are a foreign word for many people and unfortunately they usually only hear this term when it is too late. Digital data is more important than ever these days. Regardless of whether it is emotionally important data, such as pictures of family or friends, or existentially important data, the company's customer data
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Cell Phone Contract

We will help you clarify all your questions comprehensively so that you can be completely satisfied with your new cell phone contract.

Cell Phone Contract

Every network operator and service provider has a large number of different options that are more than confusing. Just come to us and we will give you an overview of the tariff jungle. No matter whether you are a frequent phone caller or a frequent surfer or neither, whether you spend a lot of time abroad or only use your cell phone.
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Buy cell phones/smartphones

We always have the latest models from all manufacturers and provide you with comprehensive advice on the individual features.

Buy cell Phones/smartphones

It is therefore not surprising that many cell phone users regularly feel the need for a modern, new cell phone in order to keep up with rapid technical progress. Now you can of course spend hours browsing through various internet cell phone shops without knowing which smartphone is the right one for you, or you can simply come to us directly
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Leave Your Smartphone on the Charging Cable all Night?

After the energy storage device has reached its full capacity, either a trickle current is supplied until the battery capacity falls below the nominal value, from which the charging electronics starts actively charging again, or the charging process is interrupted and only resumed when the charge falls below a certain value falls.

Why Choose Us

We Repair Laptops and Smartphones for all major brands.

Limited Warranty After Repair

Following repairs, a limited warranty is provided for a specified duration. This ensures protection for the serviced item within defined parameters

Expert Technicians

Skilled technicians proficiently handle repairs with precision. Their expertise ensures efficient restoration of damaged items.

Genuine Parts

Authentic components sourced directly from the manufacturer. These genuine parts guarantee optimal performance and longevity for your products.

Repairs in Same Day

Experience expedited service with our same-day repair option. Get your items swiftly restored to full functionality, minimizing disruption to your routine

How to order

Easy step for getting the services

Free Consultations

Take advantage of complimentary consultations, where our experts offer tailored advice and solutions to meet your needs at no cost.

Choose Package

Select the ideal package to meet your needs and preferences efficiently. Make an informed decision to ensure maximum value and satisfaction. with your choice.

Check Devices

Verify your devices swiftly to ensure seamless functionality and security. Conduct thorough checks to detect any potential issues and address them promptly for optimal performance.

Repair Devices

Efficiently restore your devices to peak performance with our expert repair services. Our skilled technicians swiftly diagnose and fix issues ensuring minimal downtime and maximum functionality.


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 Our trusted brand ensures top-notch service for laptops, mobile phones, and more. Experience the AS-Tronic difference today.